AI pilot beats human 5-0 in virtual F-16 dogfight

An AI developed fighter pilot has walked (virtually) away with a clean sweep in a DARPA trialled F-16 dogfight against a human pilot.The Heron Systems developed AI was so sophisticated the human pilot didn’t even land a single hit on it during the five round series! And it wasn’t as though the human pilot was some Joe-Blow off the street, this was an operational fighter pilot with more than 2,000 hours in an F-16 .

To make the series far the AI was restricted to the same movements and G-force restrictions a typical meat-bag would have, but even still, had no issues at all out manoeuvring and destroying its opponent each time.

Scarily the AI is now scheduled to jump into the cockpit of real plans for further testing before the program being officially handed over to the US Air Force in 2024.

The Air Combat Evolution program seeks to automate air-to-air combat, eventually moving on to subscale aircraft […]. This phase is scheduled to wrap by 2021. DARPA then plans to move on to larger aircraft before potentially giving the program to the Air Force in 2024.