After a hundred leaks Oculus officially announce Quest 2

I was almost sick of the leaks before there was any official announcement and now that it’s finally here I’m really “meh” about the new Oculus Quest 2 standalone VR headset from Facebook. Fear not though dear traveller because with it has come a far more exciting announcement…

Myst, the 1993 classic from Cyan will be launching a brand new VR reimagining alongside of the release of the Quest 2 on October 13th. The new version includes new art, audio as well as introducing a new level of challenge to the game that randomises puzzles.

This and this alone has me excited for the Quest’s release date and expect it to be available on other Oculus headsets and not coupled with the Quest 2’s hardware in any way.

The Quest 2 on the other hand I’m less excited by. Not for any particular reason, it’s a great improvement over its predecessor with a new Snapdragon XR2 processor and a higher resolution (1832 x 1920) and its going to cost a lot less, starting at just A$479, but it’s just really stuck in the fact it’s now synonymous with Facebook.

With the recent change to requiring a Facebook account to use an Oculus headset I have little to no desire to pursue the platform as the company continues to do itself no favours in the public eye.

It is an amazing piece of hardware though and even though absolutely everything about it was “leaked” ahead of its announcement if you’re considering VR and OK with Facebook the Quest 2 looks to be the best entry point available.

Oculus are taking orders now with units shipping October 13th.

Source: Oculus Quest 2