ABC Radio National talks to insider on just how easy it is to abuse collected metadata

A former police employee who has worked extensively with metadata has told Download this Show that the government’s proposed mandatory data retention regime is open for abuse and may one day be used against Australians who download music and TV shows.

‘The Australian people are being sleep-walked into a system the attorney general cannot even articulate,’ said the insider, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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Anyone who thought mandatory metadata retention for every citizen had anything at all to do with catching “criminals” is just plain stupid. Just as we saw last week with the AFP getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar the amount of abuse the system is likely to see that isn’t made public will likely be mind-boggling.

One of the scariest pull quotes is used in the podcast’s intro:

“Right now it would be so easy for me to slip in my ex-girlfriend’s number in the current process, under any investigation, and no one would pick it up”

Wake up Australia. You’ve been duped yet again.

Source: Metadata regime open to abuse: insider – Download This Show – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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