ABC iview is finally going HD (almost)

Exclusive: At last. ABC iview will upscale to High Definition in the first half of this year.

Head of Programming and Digital Rebecca Heap recently told TV Tonight, “I’m pleased to say it’s approved and currently on the worklist of the team. It will be coming in the first half of this year.”

But while it won’t quite be a true 1080p resolution due to costs, Heap says viewers will definitely notice the improvement.

They straight up admit that the stream wont be 1080p, which is what everyone wants (and should rightly expect). Instead it will likely be a 720p stream with a much lower bitrate “upscaled” to a faux-1080p resolution in order to save on bandwidth costs.

Still; even that would be a notable, albeit extremely behind the times, update for the ailing government broadcaster.

Source: ABC iview to upscale to HD

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