Pollies that try to stop Uber have a bad time

Ben Popper at The Verge on what happened in New York when they tried to cap the growth of Uber:

In the week leading up to the scuttled vote, Uber rolled out a tidal wave of attack ads, robocalls, influential allies, and an advanced get-out-the-vote campaign among its users. And in hundreds of cities, states, and countries around the globe, it’s waging a similar campaign, with astonishing success. At this point it’s worth asking: if Uber can’t be stopped, what does the future look like?

Aussie politicians are dancing around this issue of Uber’s legality at both a federal and state level. I wonder what happens when someone tries to make a genuine campaign issue of stopping Uber?

My guess: they’re gonna get rolled.

Source: Uber can’t be stopped. So what happens next? | The Verge

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