3D Printing Google Cardboard

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Google CardboardA few people have asked how I used a 3D printer to create my own version of Google Cardboard, so here’s a very quick guide. First, we downloaded a template from Thingiverse. The template is designed for a Nexus 5, but my Samsung Galaxy S5 works perfectly. According to the comments, any modern 5″ Android phone should do.

The pieces were printed on a Dimension 1200 3D Printer. This is a ridiculously large and expensive bit of kit, but we could’ve easily used this (relatively) cheapo from Officeworks.

The 3D printed Plastic design snaps together nicely, with just a hint of blu-tak needed. I might cover the whole thing in contact to make it feel a little more solid.

The lenses and magnets were sourced from Daiso, 2x Mini Loupe Lenses, One packet of Super Strong Magnets (for the inner magnet), and one packet of White Fridge Magnets for the outer switch. All up, the Daiso pieces cost $8.40.

To be honest, if you don’t have free access to a 3D printer, you’re better off grabbing one of these official kits from Dodo, or an unofficial kit from eBay.

If you’re a geek, you really should try Google Cardboard, it’s pretty damn amazing.