Raj Plays: Untitled Goose Game

No, for reals, you’re quite literally a goose in the imaginatively unimaginatively named “Untitled Goose Game” game.

The second game from Firewatch publisher Panic, the Untitled Goose Game was made right here in jolly old Melbourne by local developer House House.

As the game’s goose your job is to basically terrorise the inhabitants of the local village. You do this by hiding a bunch of their possessions, breaking things, honking at people incessantly and really just being a bit of a…. “goose”.

It’s fun, it’s gorgeous and it’s short (around 2.5hrs), meaning that for A$20 on Switch, Mac or PC you can enjoy a few hours of entertaining mayhem and goose-fun. (Or just watch me play through the whole thing below, if that’s more your thing)