Raj plays: Shadow of the Colossus

I have never played Shadow of the Colossus before.

Phew… ok, it’s out now. You all know that I’ve been living a lie as a gamer and games journalist for years now and I have zero credit.

Thankfully, Sony decided to enlist Japan Studio & Bluepoint to take the PS2 classic and completely recreate it from the ground up for the PS4 & PS4 Pro, meaning that I can now play it and regain what little dignity I have left.

As you’ll see in the play through the game certainly isn’t without its frustrations but it’s easy to see just how beautiful and engrossing the world is and must’ve been back when it was first released.

For those of you not particularly interested in watching me play through an hour’s worth, the video follows the same format as other “Raj plays…” with an intro, gameplay and my final thoughts. You can of course skip directly to those should you wish, coming in at the 49 minute mark.

Shadow of the Colossus is available now for PS4 & PS4Pro.

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