‘Halo: Infinite’ takes the franchise in a new open-world direction

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Master Chief returns in a new open-world title that is the long awaited Halo:Infinite.

First revealed back in 2019, Microsoft have used the opening slot of their Xbox Games Showcase overnight to showcase not only the expected gameplay, but an array of new weapons, new tools and a new genre-bending twist to the beloved franchise.

For the first time Master Chief will be able to traverse an open world in a Destiny-like gameplay format combining FPS with an open-world.

The gameplay footage shown also revealed a new grappling hook, which allowed Chief spear enemies (Scorpion style) and interact with the environment.

Slated for release in “Holiday 2020” the game appears to be landing on both current and next-gen consoles as well as Windows PC.

Halo: Infinite will also be a day one Xbox Game Pass title for those subscribed to the service.