Welcome to the all new Reckoner!

It’s been a long time in the works but I’m very happy & very proud to finally launch the brand new, redesigned, Reckoner website!

We’ve been working on this for nearly six months now and while our content may have slowed a little during its construction I think it has all been more than worth it to deliver this to everyone today.

A huge thank you to everyone that’s stuck with us through it all, I hope you love what we’ve been working so hard as much as what we do.

There’s a lot to talk about as well as a fantastic relaunch competition where you could win a Nintendo Switch and other great prizes so let’s dive straight into it!

Easier access to content YOU’RE interested in

One of the main goals of the redesign was to make the content you’re interested in easier to get to. As Reckoner has evolved over the years people have begun visiting it for different reasons. Some prefer the feature articles, others only listen to the podcast or care about Australian related news. Whatever your poison we’ve done our best to make it better and easier than ever before to get to what you’re interested in with less hassle.

A new “Featured Posts” bar across the top of every page gives you quick access to our major pieces. These cover a variety of topics and areas, some opinion pieces, others how-tos, keynote breakdowns & more. Whatever they may be the latest will be available at the top of every page and the back catalogue through the main navigation menu.

The new homepage features the latest news stories across all areas, as it always has, but now shows the newest articles and media across all areas of Reckoner. Below the news you’ll see our latest product reviews, the newest videos we’ve produced and finally the latest images from our social media accounts.

For those who love our Australian take on the world’s tech news and the streaming style of our old homepage you can have the exact same experience in our News section. This page is a continuous stream of all the news items we’ve posted. We’ve also made it easier to follow news streams that appeal directly to you by introducing a news pages specific to Australian, Tech & Gaming news.

Across the site you’ll notice new links and the integrations of social media platforms. We encourage everyone to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram as there will be a lot more happening on them such as previews and community activities as a way of engaging with you all a lot more.

Lastly the podcast gets some love with a flashy new page all to itself as well some easily accessible iTunes & Soundcloud links at the header of the page. You’ll also find easily recognisable links to all of our social media accounts in the same location too.

A call out for contributors!

We want fresh blood!!

No, we haven’t become vampires (yet), we’re just on the look out for new people to contribute to Reckoner! So much so we’ve set up an entirely new page for you to check out and see all the details of what we’re after.

We’re on the look out for people to write news stories on a regular basis, create video content and write features & reviews. Don’t be shy, if you’re keen to contribute we’d love to have a chat and invite anyone who’s interested in tech to get in touch!!

And best of all, we’d love to actually pay you for it too! Consider this an open invitation and have a look at the new contributors page here:

Ads are the necessary evil

Yes, we’ve reintroduced advertising to the site but before you hit send on the hate mail let me explain why.

Firstly, most of you that read Reckoner have ad blockers installed anyway and that’s totally fine. The majority of us that write for the site have one too because ads are annoying and we’re nerds and we like to set things up like Pi-hole so we totally get it.

The thing is, ads help pay the bills and unfortunately the site doesn’t run on fairy floss and unicorn poop. For Reckoner to grow, for us to bring on great new contributors and content creators and to deliver more content on a regular basis, we have to be able to pay them.

We’ve done our best to integrate the ads into the new design and make them as non-invasive as possible. Thank you for all being understanding about it and if you do have an ad blocker installed and want to go that extra mile to support us, please feel free to whitelist the site.

New ways to support us

Ads (and disabling your ad blocker) aren’t the only way you can support Reckoner. There’s a new “Affiliate” section you’ll see on the right hand side of each page.

Here you’ll find a list of online retailers we have partnered with that pass on a little commission of any purchases you might make when clicking through our website. All you need to do is click on the link and make your purchase as you would normally and you’ll be helping us out! It’s win, win!

At launch our affiliates include:

Your feedback & the all important giveaway!!

To celebrate the launch of the new site we’re giving away some amazing and incredible prizes that we’re super excited about!

On top of all that, all three winners will also receive a fully paid, one year subscription to our very own Anthony Agius’ daily tech newsletter “The Sizzle“! Incredible!!!

To be in the running to win simply follow us on Instagram (@reckonerAU) and/or like our page on Facebook before completing a short survey here.

The survey is short and sweet, we ask you about the new site, Reckoner in general and to answer the all important judged question…. why should you be the lucky one to take home one of our amazing prizes?

The competition is open right now and entries will close at midnight, October 31st AEDST.

So what are you waiting for??!





Competition Terms & Conditions
Entries are open to residents of Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.
The competition is open to entries from October 1st 00:01 to October 31st 23:59.
The competition is run as a “game of skill”, winners will be judged on their answers in the final section of the survey link.
Competition winners will be notified by email on November 7th.