The best trailers from San Diego Comic-Con 2019

SDCC is like Nerd-Christmas when it comes to trailers. It’s like someone blew a hole in a dam wall and a flood of teasers, photos, trailers and if you’re Marvel – gantt charts, come rushing your way!

Here’s some of the best we found that we think you’re going to love!

The Expanse – Season 4

If you haven’t checked out this sci-fi space opera yet then you’re definitely missing out. The show has jumped to Amazon studios now and it along with its previous seasons can be watched via Amazon Prime Video.

Star Treck: Picard

Everyone loves Sir Patrick Stewart. I’ve never been a major Trek fan but Picard and TNG series are by far my favourite aspect of the Star Trek universe. His encounters with the Borg look likely to continue and with the recent Discovery series really peaking my Trek interests I have high hopes for this one!

Watchmen – TV Series
Oh just shut up and get in my eyeballs already. The new HBO series is being run by Damien Lindelof who you might know as the brains behind Lost and The Leftovers, two shows I loved. It’s not a direct adaption of the acclaimed graphic novel, nor has it ever meant to be, but takes part in the same alternate version of the USA with Rorschach as its central character.

His Dark Materials

Do you remember the box office bomb that was The Golden Compass? It was based on a series of books by Philip Pullman that people actually love and far excel whatever that film was. The new HBO series is due out later this year and looks to do the books justice.

Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise is it looks like his need for speed has gone nowhere. I remember being a kid when the original came out and my neighbour being absolutely obsessed with the film. I could care less about the dialogue and story here, just give me awesome shots of jets flying around doing crazy shit for 2 hours and I’m in.

Westworld – Season 3

Dolores has made it into the real world, breaking free from the confinement of the park she once called home. The trailer shows off new characters and stars including Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) and returning roles with Tessa Thompson, Thandie Newton, Jeffery Wright & Mr Black himself Ed Harris.

The Witcher

Based off the now infamous Witcher books (not the video game) the new Netflix series is sure to be a huge release when it arrives later in the year.

The Walking Dead Movie – currently untitled

Yes they’re expanding the walking dead franchise even more. This time they’re going total cinematic and moving beyond the two long running TV series. Clearly the audiences are not all zombied out yet!

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

They’re back and this time they’ve at least figured out what the internet is but are on a journey to stop a reboot film about themselves from being made.