Some Other Stuff From This Morning’s Apple Event


Here are a few other bits and pieces rounded up from this morning. I nearly didn’t make it to the end after a 40 minute recap of stuff everyone already knew about iOS 8 & Yosemite right at the start. Oh and the dad jokes. So many dad jokes.


(Image from The Verge liveblog)

Dammit Hair Dad, stop making that Keynote document and get on with the freakin’ hardware specs.

Of course, there was the iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 3, but what else?


iMac with retina was announced with a ridonkulous 5K display (that’s 5120px by 2880px, for those playing at home).

They made a big deal of the tech in this thing. I learned that timing controllers are a thing, oxide TFTs are good, and something something organic passivation.

It starts at AU$2,999 and goes up to AU$5,368 if you max it out (of course, I know you will do this yourself too).


Mac Mini got an update for the first time in about a thousand years. Nothing massive, but a nice little bump to bring it back into the year 2014. I look forward to the next update in late 2018.

Speaking of Macs, OS X 10.10 Yosemite should be available now, and it’s free. I’ll be doing that on my MacBook Pro this arvo.

iOS 8.1 is on the way, and promises to be a bit less buggy and generally annoying. I also noticed that a few apps that were in the last iOS 8 demo (for, and iOS 8 actions) were gone. No applying a filter via VSCO Cam, and no Fitbit. Hmmmm….

They’re also rolling out a beta of the new iCloud Photo Library, if that’s your thing.

Apple Pay stuff is on the way in the US next week, but no word on when it’ll come to our shores.

They kept mentioning the Apple Watch, which totally-exists-and-haha-we-are-using-them-and-you-can’t-haha, but still nothin’ for details or prices. Comes out early 2015, which we already knew.

Finally, Eddie Cue did this to a security guy.


Oh iTunes Dad. I can’t take you anywhere.