Reports from the road: PAX Australia Day 3


Today wound down the festival, and unlike yesterday we managed to get ourselves into some panels. First up was the Penny Arcade Q&A, which had a bunch of great questions from the audience. The one that stuck with me?

A scientist, who got up and wanted Jerry & Mike to name his equipment that was set to fire into space soon to detect alien life. After composing themselves and conferring, Mike’s suggestion: “it finds worlds, so I guess we should call it Worldfinder.” Jerry offered a more high-concept name: it’s straining out the useless data from the useful, like pasta from the water. We should call it the Sieve.”

Mike’s thoughts? “….nah. Worldfinder.”

They settled on the WorldSieve.


After that, I hit the expo floor for the last time. Today I spent a bunch of time over at the indie booths. The most impressive to me were Framed and Wolfdozer. Both really awesome Australian indie games that showed a lot of promise. Framed in particular is something I’ve never seen before; you rearrange a graphic novel’s panels to help the protagonist move though the story. Very fun and gave me one of those treasured “aha, I’m smart!” moments.

Lastly I saw Jeff Cannata’s panel, which was entertaining but perhaps a touch too long. After that we checked in briefly at the Omegathon final round (giant Jenga) but decided to call it a day.

PAX Australia 2014 was absolutely confirmed in the Q&A. Mark it on the calendar. I can’t wait.

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