Let’s Play Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine

The first Australian Penny Arcade Expo in Melbourne is nearly upon us (in fact, we’ll be speaking there!), and I’ve been taking some time over the last few months to get re-acquainted with the state of gaming on the Mac.

One of the titles that I was very excited about was Monaco. It was an indie game that was released on the Xbox a few months ago to rave reviews, but only recently released to Steam for both Mac and PC.

It’s a retro-styled, 4-player heist game, where characters with various specialised skills (like the Lockpicker, the Lookout & the wall-busting Mole to name a few) work together to break into places, break out of places, steal stuff and generally wreak havoc.

What better way to try this game out than to grab 3 friends and give it a run?

Special thanks to Anthony Agius, Pete Dillon & Lauren Watson for giving up a few hours last weekend to run amok.