iPhone 5c, Apple’s Colourful Plastic Design


Today Apple announced the release of the iPhone 5c, a bright & colourful version of their flagship smartphone. Somewhat reminiscent of an iPod touch in design, the 5c is very similar in specs to the current iPhone 5, but comes with a new polycarbonate plastic design, and comes in an array of colours. It was announced alongside the flagship iPhone 5s.

Sporting a contoured casing supported by a steel frame, the design somewhat hearkens back to the 3G & 3GS of old. According to The Verge’s David Pierce, the handset feels surprisingly solid, and he describes it as more rugged, friendlier and less cold design than the glass and aluminium of the recent iPhone designs. The iPhone 5c comes with a black glass faceplate and colours including green, white, blue, red and yellow.

Essentially the same as an iPhone 5 on the inside, this model will not get the improvements in the 5s, such as a fingerprint scanner, improved camera or A7 processor. It will be slightly cheaper however, with the 16GB model selling outright for $739. This was certainly a higher price than most tech pundits were predicting, and may make the iPhone 5c a tougher value proposition.


Apple has also designed a case for the iPhone 5c in 6 colours, and has made it from a soft matte silicon, contrasting the glossy plastic of the phone.

As with the iPhone 5s, the 5c will go on sale September 20th, and will be sold outright for $739 for the 16GB, and $869 for the 32GB.

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