In Search of a Small Android Phone

Android Man


I can’t stand giant phones.

I understand the appeal, and see people using them more and more every day, but they’re just not for me. I’d much prefer a light, small phone in my pocket, and a separate tablet in my bag.

Most Android handset makers seem to disagree, making their flagship devices almost comically large, and blurring the lines between phone and tablet.

I’ve also found over the last year or so that the only way for me to truly separate work and home is to have two phones – a work phone, and a home phone. I’ve tried Do Not Disturb on the iPhone and Android, I’ve tried Blackberry’s Balance, but nothing works for me like turning off a work phone and not looking at it again till morning.

So again, I’d prefer a smaller phone. And I can’t be the only one, dammit!

Starting today, I’ll be reviewing the smallest Android phones I can get my hands on. Why Android? Well, iPhones are already the size I’m after, and Windows Phone still sucks. I’m hoping this series will outlive Blackberry, so no point including them.

The first smallish Android phone I’ve been able to play with was the Sony Xperia M.

Sony Xperia M - Pocket Casts

I’ve reviewed the HTC One Mini.

HTC One MinI

Most recently, I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini as well.


Are there other small Android phones you’d like me to try out? Let me know!

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