I don’t quite know: Tom Merritt

A while back I recorded an episode of I don’t quite know with tech celebrity Tom Merritt. The episode focuses on his passion for writing and his process that’s led to him publishing a series of novels over the years.

To celebrate National Novel Writing Month (AKA NaNoWriMo) we’ve decided to release the episode publicly.

Tom Merritt could easily be mistaken as the godfather of podcasting. His long-running Cnet show “Buzz out Loud” was one of the first true success stories of the burgeoning medium and has led to Tom’s creation and involvement in dozens since.

Today he produces & hosts one of the most successful crowdfunded series on the internet, ”The Daily Tech News Show”, but behind the scenes he’s quietly becoming one of our generation’s most revered science fiction authors. Join us as we chat about Tom’s passion for creative writing, his process and how he possibly borrows one of his character’s time-travelling spaceships to fit everything in a single day!

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”9d554c5958992f9f66ea10a4b547158d48413d40″ src=”https://anchor.fm/idqk/embed/episodes/S01E03—Tom-Merritt-e97ehl” width=”100%” ]

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