A Proposed Skyscraper that was never built in Sydney

Forum Watch | Skyscraper City

James, Anthony and I met on an internet forum, and we continue to lurk on many weird and wonderful forums in our spare time. We’ve decided to share some of the threads we’ve discovered in a new series, Forum Watch.

For the first Forum Watch, I want to share with you Skyscraper City. I first discovered SC searching for information on the then rumoured Sydney Apple Store.

Skyscraper City confirmed the store with photos of the building, council plans, proposed interiors and a raft of other information pieced together by its users. I bookmarked the thread and watched the Apple Store’s construction.

Since then, I keep coming back to waste time on the forums. I’ve never posted, or even joined, but I love losing hours lurking in it’s threads.

A Proposed Skyscraper that was never built in Sydney
A Proposed Skyscraper that was never built in Sydney

Some amazing threads I’ve found over the last few years include:

Sydney’s Lost Memories – an 18 page thread of beautiful Sydney buildings that were torn down.

Industrial Architecture – Amazing photos of big old Australian factories.

Theatres and Cinemas of Australia

and most fascinating, Australia’s Never Built Proposals — a twenty page thread of the buildings that could have been.

And that’s just the Australia section. Skyscraper City has thousands of threads from around the world.

Don’t let the vanilla vbulletin theme scare you.  If you’re an architecture or design nerd, there are worse ways of spending an afternoon than getting lost in Skyscraper City.

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