E3 2018: All the good bits from EA’s press conference

It’s official, E3 2018 has begun and while I may have been late and still halfway across the pacific when EA kicked things I was still following along courtesy of Air New Zealand’s in-flight WiFi. Thank you technology. Anyway, enough about me booking flights on the wrong day and onto the games!

Everyone wanted more details on Anthem and details they shall have, along with a little unrealistic E3-demo action.

For starters we now have an official release date, Anthem will arrive on PC, Xbox One & PS4, February 22nd, 2019.

There’s a decent story behind the game, it’s being made by Bioware after all so I’d expect nothing less, but it sounds very Destiny-esque with the evil “Dominion” trying to use a power force known as the “Anthem of Creation” that you and your Anthem playing buddies are going to do your best to stop.

You can play one of four classes but if they’re anything like Destiny’s variants we wont see a great deal of difference, which I really hope isn’t the case.

Battlefield V got some decent air time occupying the front end of the presentation. Details around the game’s new destructible elements dominated the demonstration with tanks and other forces making small work of buildings. For those of you old enough to remember it appears we’re finally getting some of the goodness from Bad Company back again.

It was also announced the new World War II set shooter will have a new mode they’re calling “royale reimagined”. Unsurprised.

Star Wars is a big part of the EA stable and it wouldn’t be an EA press conference without them reminding us of it.

Battlefront II will continue to see some love with new modes, maps and hero characters like General Grievous coming from The Clone Wars.

The bigger news came via a side interview with Respawn president Vince Zampella during the presentation. Call Jedi: Fallen Order Zampella revealed that you would indeed be playing as a Jedi and that the game takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

Due for release November 2019 there were no other details, images or videos shown of the upcoming title.

Then came the indies. Yarny is back with a new co-op adventure in “Unravel Two”. It was made very clear that whilst demoed for two players the game can be played alone and brings more of the whimsical woollen platform adventure we fell in love with.

In a nice little (and very un-EA) twist Unravel Two is available immediately!

Lastly in a throw back to simpler times the beloved Real Time Strategy series Command & Conquer is making a return. This time its in the form of a mobile game in Command & Conquer: Rivals.

RTS is the perfect genre for a mobile platform, this makes total sense to me. I’m probably not going to rush to buy it when it’s released but I think it’s a smart move and interesting to highlight it at E3 as more and more people engage with mobile gaming.


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