E3 2014 Day 1 Photo Report

Nintendo booth

Nintendo Booth

For a company that’s made the decision to pull out of live briefings they certainly have a large presence on the show floor. Big banners and deal made of Super Smash Bros of course.



Mario Maker

A couple of screens dedicated to showing off the “coming” Mario Maker. I think this is being underrated and could turn into a big seller for Nintendo. It’s super easy to use and plop in the relatively limited options that make a level. Not sure how far you can go in terms of creating warps and secret areas.




Nintendo’s newly announced shooter without being a shooter. A fair line circling up to the top there waiting to play. Looks promising as a new IP.



Nintendo amiibo

Nintendo’s version of Skylander figurines. There’s a fair selection of Nintendo classics but all are prototypes and who knows Yoshi could end up pink… Little Pikachu looks kind of cute. Mario’s water-bending his urine… or that’s what it looks like anyway! I’m glad these are only prototypes, I’m guessing this is going to be very different come release. Parents be ready to spend your dollars these are going to be quick sellers!



Playstation booth

There’s not doubting Sony’s presence and commitment to E3 with the size of their booth and the attention it was getting. This is a view down onto the main Playstation area, a mere quarter of the actual footprint of the stand.



Project Morpheus

With around 20 headsets available to play there was a long wait to get a go so much so a ticketing system was used. Besides looking dorky everything said was positive from people coming out. Hoping to get in tomorrow.



Playstation TV

The Playstation TV unit on display with a DualShock controller. The unit’s very small, it will be interesting to see how well these do. Really like the streaming abilities.



White PS4

Available bundled with Destiny later this year the white PS4 looks pretty sexy. I wont be dropping any cash on one myself but I was more impressed than I expected by it.



Playstation Theatre – No Man’s Sky

Hello Games’ Sean Murray on stage talking about No Man’s Sky. A still of which is displayed above showing an underwater scene.



Little Big Planet 3

A big double area for LBP3. Sony standing behind their exclusive titles as they well should. Really cute game but suffers a little mechanically.




A surprise for me. Really solid gameplay and good fun arcade racer. It’s winning in terms of arcade racers on show thus far. I played it over RemotePlay with a PS Vita which was a new experience. I found it really responsive and the Vita screen looked gorgeous but having it on a normal monitor in front of me meant I mostly just looked at that instead.



The Order : 1886

I got to play The Order which is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen on a PS4. Amazing particle efforts, gorgeous cinematic quality character models. What I thought was pre-rendered cinematics in yesterday’s briefing look to be actual gameplay which has blown me away. On the down side someone had inverted my control and I had to play it in a way that made me look like to an idiot to all those behind me.



Sunset Overdrive

Microsoft’s big exclusive for release later this year is Sunset Overdrive and they’re pushing it big. This is a photo of the mascot for the game’s soft drink cum zombie creator “Over charge delirium XT”. Lots of machines available for attendees to play and lots of happy faces afterwards. It’s also up for IGN’s “Best of show” award.



Forza Horizon 2

To hype up Forza Microsoft has brought in a real Lamborghini Huracan onto the show floor. To Forza’s credit their modelling of the car is perfect and really impressive on screen.