DealExtreme Finds: Olight I3S Keyring LED Torch

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Who doesn’t need a torch? It’s something useful I always have with me in the car, on a keyring, in my toolbox, next to the bed and in other random places. The keyring torch seems to get the most use and I’m looking to get a new one.


The Olight I3S is the current favourite amongst the torch nerds over at CandlePowerForums. It runs off a single AAA battery (so grab a nice set of Sanyo XX Eneloops), has a sturdy metal construction and is well reviewed. There are other torches down at Bunnings or Big W, but they’re not as bright and not as well made. The Olight also has multiple brightness settings – at 20 lumens (the usual output of a $5-$10 keychain LED torch), the battery lasts 8 hours.


If you’re after a bright keyring torch as an every day carry, the Olight I3S is great. It’s $27 including postage.

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