Celebrate May the 4th at the first Reckoner/Sizzle meetup in Melbourne

OK, so technically it’s not the “first” meetup, we did try and do a BBQ earlier in the year but that didn’t work out too well with mother nature stepping in and washing us out of Flagstaff Gardens before we’d even started.

This time though, we’ve got it sorted and to sweeten the pot we’re flying old mate James Croft down from up on high in his Queensland ivory tower made of XXXX cans to the wintery depths of Melbourne in celebration of his final episode as host of the Reckoner pod.

Call it “Reckon-izzle” or if you’d prefer try on “Sizzl-er” for size but I think the later has been used somewhere else before perhaps? Either way the celebrations will occur on this upcoming Star Wars day – Saturday, May 4th and consist of beers, food and good people meeting at The Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy from about 5pm onwards.

So come on down and help us celebrate James’ amazing efforts with the site over the years as well as wishing him all the best with the impending arrival of his new baby and hang out for a few drinks and some food.

No need to RSVP, just head on down and I look forward to seeing you all there soon!

Reckonizzle 2019

When: Saturday, May 4th @ 5pm

Where: The Rainbow Hotel, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Who: Raj, James & Ant

FB Event: Link