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That’s right, Reckoner is constantly on the lookout for new writers, video and content creators that can join our family!

Hell, we’d love to even pay you! Of course our little indie corner of the internet is often a low budgeted one but that doesn’t mean you should miss out for your hard work.

Reckoner contributors generally fall into on of two categories:

  1. One-off or feature contributors whom we’d love to pitch us an idea.
  2. Regular contributors whom review products or add news.

If either of these sound like you or something you might be interested in doing then I urge you to get in touch with us and tell us all about yourself and your idea!

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    Reckoner had its humble beginnings way back in June of 2013.

    Founded by James Croft, along with Peter Wells and Anthony Agius they created what would go on to become one of Australia’s most highly regarded and award winning independent tech blogs.

    With its uniquely Australian voice Reckoner is committed to offering a “no-holds-barred” approach to its writing. Beholden to no one but its audience. Reckoner’s goal is to remain completely transparent and honour the trust it’s built with its faithful readership.

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