iPhone X, iPhone 8, Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K are officially announced

Apple held their first ever media event at the new Steve Jobs Theatre today announcing a slew of new, albeit accurately leaked, products. The most exciting and anticipated the new iPhone X marks the first significant form change in the iPhone series since it’s inception with the removal of its home button. For everything else, it was business as usual with incremental and functional updates. Continue reading

Gamescom hands-on: Cuphead

Allow me to give you a preview of what you can expect from Cuphead…


You died. Try again?
You died. Try again?
You died. Try again?
You died. Try again?
You died. Try again?

I know it sounds horrible but it’s really not the case. The hand drawn, 1950s cartoon inspired, side scrolling, bullet-hell cum platformer was an E3 darling two years ago. Since then the game has evolved significantly growing from what was seven boss-driven encounters into a larger, Super Mario World like experience. Continue reading

Gamescom hands-on: Destiny 2 (PC Edition)

I loved the original Destiny. Not for its story, I don’t really know anyone that loved it for that to be honest. Nor was it for the actual game I guess, despite the mechanics being near perfect for an FPS, nor for it’s gorgeous worlds and variety of game types. Nope, the main reason I enjoyed the original Destiny so much was for its uncanny ability to pull together all of my friends and create these gaming sessions that were so wonderfully simple to pop in and out of and just enjoy. And it’s for that reason that I couldn’t be more confused or more at odds with myself as to what to do when it comes to Destiny 2. Continue reading

Gamescom hands-on: Crackdown 3

Oh Crackdown. What a development cycle you’ve been through. For those of you uninitiated with the franchise, the original, simply titled “Crackdown” was one of the most fun, wild open world roller coaster rides that became a darling hit for Xbox. It’s sequel, largely more of the same, didn’t fare quite as well and put the franchise on ice for quite some time that is until a couple of E3’s ago with Microsoft used the title to show off it’s cloud computation systems that would enable the Xbox One to harness the power of its always-online connection to shift heavy computational tasks to Microsoft’s cloud computers. In the example a sky scraper in Crackdown 3 is destroyed with a bevy of rockets and explosions sending it crumbling to the ground in a smattering of calculated physics all produced courtesy of the cloud. Continue reading

Gamescom hands-on: PUBG (Xbox edition)

Player Unknown’s Battleground has established itself as one of the most popular gaming titles of the year. So popular in fact it briefly surpassed LoL as the most streamed title on Twitch.

With that in mind it’s no surprise its impending console release, announced at Microsoft’s E3 briefing, was nothing short of a major deal. In fact you could argue that it was potentially the biggest announcement Microsoft had at the event (and that’s including their Luke-warm received console reveal). Continue reading

E3 2017: Nintendo Direct

Finally, the last one…

Nintendo held their “Direct” overnight, streaming the presentation worldwide as they’ve done the past few years instead of holding a physical briefing.

This year, with the Switch now officially released, there was no expectation they’d be talking about hardware and meant they could focus solely on the games. Continue reading

E3 2017: Sony PlayStation showcase

You know how everyone else started with some strong, out-of-the-gates shit. PlayStation decided the start of their presser would be ideal to display some ads for their limited edition gold PS4 & PlayStation Vue.

With that out of the way they launched into a live, Indian sitar lead, drum-circle. Seated in front of one of those giant indoor water-droplet signage things (and I thought Ubisoft were the crazy ones?!) the group played to introduce the very soon to arrive Uncharted: The Lost Legacy digital title.

Continue reading