E3 2017: Nintendo Direct

Finally, the last one…

Nintendo held their “Direct” overnight, streaming the presentation worldwide as they’ve done the past few years instead of holding a physical briefing.

This year, with the Switch now officially released, there was no expectation they’d be talking about hardware and meant they could focus solely on the games. Continue reading

E3 2017: Sony PlayStation showcase

You know how everyone else started with some strong, out-of-the-gates shit. PlayStation decided the start of their presser would be ideal to display some ads for their limited edition gold PS4 & PlayStation Vue.

With that out of the way they launched into a live, Indian sitar lead, drum-circle. Seated in front of one of those giant indoor water-droplet signage things (and I thought Ubisoft were the crazy ones?!) the group played to introduce the very soon to arrive Uncharted: The Lost Legacy digital title.

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E3 2017: Ubisoft Briefing

Ubisoft has a reputation for bringing the weird at E3. Their press conferences have a certain je ne sais quoi and that’s not just because of their deeply rooted French history.

This year the weird was definitely still there but it was punctuated with new IP, solid progressions in existing franchises and of course the latest iteration of their money churner, Assassin’s Creed. Continue reading

E3 2017: Bethesda Showcase

If there’s an award for the most out of control, mind bonkers setup at E3 it has to go to Bethesda. Their showcase was presented in the middle of their own theme park entitled Bethesadaland, complete with ferris wheel, snow cones and more. A home of wonderment, adventure but above all else “fun”!

Sadly most of us at home didn’t get to experience it first hand, but they did use the theme to drive their presentation. It was an extremely focused one too,  filled with trailer after trailer after trailer and very few interruptions. Continue reading

E3 2017: Microsoft Xbox E3 Briefing

Start hard and start strong, Microsoft wasted no time in getting to the good stuff kicking things off with what everyone was tuned in for: the now officially named Xbox One X (XbOX/XB1X). Introduced by Phil Spencer the unit looks remarkably similar to the original Xbox One but is actually the smallest Xbox One yet and, in what would become the most repeated phrase for the day, ”the world’s most powerful console”. It’s available worldwide on November 7th and will set you back A$649, which considering the US sticker price is $499, means Australia isn’t getting shafted for once.

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E3 2017: EA press conference

Just like last year EA will not be a part of the main E3 show inside of the the LA Convention Centre choosing instead to hold their own event next door at LA Live. To further solidify their independence they’ve moved their own press conference forward a day to the Saturday before E3, essentially extending the show to nearly a full seven days – much to the chagrin of international travellers.

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