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Announced at 6pm on Friday, NAB have confirmed that the personal details of 13,000 customers have been uploaded, by human error, to not one, but TWO, 3rd party data services. It’s believed the breach has been contained at the data providers and no information has further leaked.

Re-iterated in a video from NAB’s Chief Data Officer, Glenda Crisp, the breach was not a cyber-security issue and resulted in someone mistakenly putting data where they shouldn’t.

The remainder of the video and statement is largely NAB saying they’ve looked into it, they assure you it wont happen again, yadda, yadda. We all know that’s a load of crap and the same join that sent 60,000 emails to a scamming domain squatter are likely to have this repeat.

Regardless, for those affected this time around, NAB have promised to contact each customer individually by either phone, email or mail.

Of course NAB are saying the 6pm Friday release of this information was in line with their internal timelines of dealing with the issue. It obviously wouldn’t have anything at all to do with the fact late Friday news is buried by sport and weekend guff now would it. Dogs.

Source: NAB apologises to customers for data breach | NAB News

The goal is to eventually begin implanting devices in paralyzed humans, allowing them to control phones or computers.

Noble cause, ferkin’ freaky premise.

Elon “hype-train” Musk delivered a presentation of Neuralink’s research of pairing the brain with computers and electronics using “threads” embedded in the body.

Each thread is between 4 & 6 μm thick making it far smaller than a human hair. Musk proposed a number of these would be connected to the brain with a Neuralink doctor adding they’d like to do this using lasers instead of “drilling”. Eeek.

The system, which hasn’t even begun the process of obtaining FDA approval, is being trailed with rats in an attempt to prove its stability. The image shown of a wired rat with a USB-C port protruding from it is quite disturbing and far from the nice hearing-aid-esque PR image used for the event.

Of course that’s not the end-goal for humans. The USB-C port is likely to be replaced with some wireless connection,  but we’re far from that.

For Musk, who’s actively spoken out against AI in the past, he sees Neuralink & their N1 sensor as a step forward in the advancement of humanity.

“[I want] to achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence,” says Musk, touting that humans will be “left behind” and that instead he wants to work on tech that allows us to “merge with AI”.

Source: Elon Musk unveils Neuralink’s plans for brain-reading ‘threads’ – The Verge

Internet provider Dodo will repay 16,000 customers who signed up to the National Broadband Network after the competition watchdog bit back over claims its plans were perfect for video streaming.

Advertising 10GB/month plans that tap out at 12Mbps are hardly “perfect for streaming” as Dodo claimed.

The majority of customers whom signed up for Dodo’s low-end NBN plan were whacked with excess charges, not realising that the average Netflix show would eat away 3GB/hr nor that 12Mbps was incapable of “Ultra HD”

A$360,000 in excess fees will be refunded by the provider to Dodo’s affected subscriber base.

Source: Dodo forced to repay 16,000 NBN customers

Nintendo have officially announced their long-rumoured Switch Lite, just weeks after E3 as predicted.

The new “Lite” model is a trimmed down, more colourful, offering with a smaller screen (5.5″ instead of 6.2″), improved battery life and now permanently attached Joy-Cons.

To accommodate the Joy-Cons in the new “Lite” body Nintendo have removed both HD rumble & IR functionality. Additional Joy-Cons can still be connected however, should you wish to play games with additional players or those that require the rumble functionality.

Unable to be docked, Nintendo are marketing the Lite as being “perfect for gamers on the move“. This further solidifies the Switch as Nintendo’s sole platform moving forward. Moving it into a position to replace the DS & its now ailing sales.

Available in yellow, turquoise & grey the new Switch Lite will be available in Australia September 20th for A$329.95; a price much higher than many expected.

Source: Nintendo Switch Lite – Official Site

Apple has just updated the MacBook Pro range, bringing Touch Bar, Touch ID, T2 and True Tone to all models, along with faster processors.

Apple have update the MacBook Pro range to now include a Retina TrueTone display and TouchBar across all models.

Starting from A$1,299 for the 13″ model and A$2,399 for the 15″, the laptops will also include Apple’s TouchID sensor as well as its T2 security chip.

Spec wise lower end machines such as the base 13″ model received minor bumps in SSD storage and RAM but largely remain unchanged.

In addition to bringing the MacBook Pro range into line Apple have also discontinued what was their smallest laptop, the 12″ MacBook Air.

The 12″ Air hasn’t been updated since 2017 and those wanting the smallest of form factors will have to settle for Apple’s 13″ version, which now also comes equipped with a Retina True Tone display.

Now also slightly cheaper the 13″ MacBook Air will be sold at the 12’s former price point of A$1,099 (US$999).

Audiofly have kindly donated a pair of the amazing AF120 Mk2 in-ear-monitor headphones for us to giveaway. The baby brother to the high-end AF140 Mk2s that we recently reviewed these headphones are every bit their equal with an amazing clarity of sound in the perfect lightweight package.

If you’re a purveyor of fine music then this is definitely not a competition you want to miss out on!
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