iOS 11 GM leak reveals all ahead of Apple announcements on Tuesday

The leaks from the iOS 11 GM continue this weekend. Following information such as a new Portrait Lighting feature and the iPhone X naming scheme, developers have now uncovered additional details on Face ID, the Camera app, and more.

The rumour is the leak was a “deliberate malicious act by a rogue Apple employee” according to Apple pet, Gruber. God help whoever it was if they get caught, I dare say their employment wont continue (if they’re still employed at all).

Anywho, iOS 11 pretty much tells us everything we needed to know about Tuesday. iPhone 8, & 8 Plus are coming, the big new boy will be iPhone X though, which will have the OLED screen and no Home Button. “Face ID” will be in all of them but in iPhone X don’t expect Touch ID to be under the glass.

In terms of software “Portrait mode” is getting a lighting overhaul and then there’s “Animoji” which will use the Face ID tech to map your own expression onto 3D emoji models for you messaging.

There’s an LTE version of the Apple Watch coming in series 3 as well as a new version of AirPods too.

Lastly the Apple TV’s 4K upgrade is pretty much in concrete too, but that really wasn’t a secret before hand was it?

Source: iOS 11 + iPhone X tidbits: Face ID interface and setup, Camera app adjustments, more | 9to5Mac

Details on RED’s holographic display emerge

RED’s screen technology comes from an exclusive partnership with a startup called Leia Inc. (Yes, like the princess.) Leia describes itself as “the leading provider of lightfield holographic display solutions for mobile,” and was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from HP’s research labs.

Finally some light is shed on the mysterious display tech.

I have to admit, the video does little to sell me on it though. Obviously it’s impossible to truly convey the tech in a 2D video but without the software the hardware is virtually useless.

Hopefully I’m wrong, the tech is super cool and works amazingly well. Then maybe we’ll see it in the next generation of smartphones along with a bunch of new software that supports it.

Source: RED finally reveals what its ‘holographic’ phone screen actually is – The Verge

Gamescom hands-on: Cuphead

Allow me to give you a preview of what you can expect from Cuphead…


You died. Try again?
You died. Try again?
You died. Try again?
You died. Try again?
You died. Try again?

I know it sounds horrible but it’s really not the case. The hand drawn, 1950s cartoon inspired, side scrolling, bullet-hell cum platformer was an E3 darling two years ago. Since then the game has evolved significantly growing from what was seven boss-driven encounters into a larger, Super Mario World like experience. Continue reading

Gamescom hands-on: Destiny 2 (PC Edition)

I loved the original Destiny. Not for its story, I don’t really know anyone that loved it for that to be honest. Nor was it for the actual game I guess, despite the mechanics being near perfect for an FPS, nor for it’s gorgeous worlds and variety of game types. Nope, the main reason I enjoyed the original Destiny so much was for its uncanny ability to pull together all of my friends and create these gaming sessions that were so wonderfully simple to pop in and out of and just enjoy. And it’s for that reason that I couldn’t be more confused or more at odds with myself as to what to do when it comes to Destiny 2. Continue reading

Gamescom hands-on: Crackdown 3

Oh Crackdown. What a development cycle you’ve been through. For those of you uninitiated with the franchise, the original, simply titled “Crackdown” was one of the most fun, wild open world roller coaster rides that became a darling hit for Xbox. It’s sequel, largely more of the same, didn’t fare quite as well and put the franchise on ice for quite some time that is until a couple of E3’s ago with Microsoft used the title to show off it’s cloud computation systems that would enable the Xbox One to harness the power of its always-online connection to shift heavy computational tasks to Microsoft’s cloud computers. In the example a sky scraper in Crackdown 3 is destroyed with a bevy of rockets and explosions sending it crumbling to the ground in a smattering of calculated physics all produced courtesy of the cloud. Continue reading

Interview with Wolfenstein 2 narrative designer Tommy Björk

I had the unique opportunity to interview MachineGame’s Narrative Designer Tommy Björk whilst at Gamescom this past week for Jeff Cannata’s Newest Latest Best podcast, hosted on

Tommy is the co-lead designer on the soon to be release Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. In the interview we discuss his writing process, the complications of writing for video games and his passion for the industry.

It’s a fascinating insight into the whole process and full of little tid-bits that fans of the series will no doubt want to hear.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Review Roundup: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

This is the story of an unexpected encounter between Mario and the irreverent Rabbids. To bring order back to a splintered Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi team up with Rabbids heroes in a journey through four different worlds.

Out today, Mario + Rabbids will satiate your Switch woes as you hold out for Mario Odyssey. Don’t be fooled by it’s “Mario” exterior though, this game is tough and will prove a real challenge to the most seasoned gamer.

The Verge:

It’s easy to go into Mario + Rabbids with low expectations. It’s a mashup that doesn’t seem to make much sense, in a genre that feels counter to Super Mario’s playful spirit. But you should definitely look past the crazed, Rabbid-infused exterior. Mario + Rabbids isn’t just a great strategy game brimming with charm and clever ideas. It also joins the likes of Breath of the Wild, Arms, and Splatoon 2 in showcasing the best the Switch has to offer.


…you’re in for a surprise: even for XCOM vets some of its battles are challenging puzzles. Some of its tougher levels do devolve into a trial-and-error slog, but a good mix of enemies, objectives, and character abilities keep things interesting.


Because this is a Switch game, you can play it at home or on the go. I’ve used my Switch almost exclusively as a home console and find it too big to comfortably use as a portable, but there was something about this game that made me enjoy taking it on the go. The format helps. Turn-based battles lend themselves wonderfully to abrupt pausing as I’d catch a few more rounds between subway stops.


Source: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on Nintendo Switch | Ubisoft (US)