Medium announces new membership services

It’s time for thoughtfulness to prevail. That means transforming not just the experience around reading and writing, but also the economic model that determines which stories are told, clicked on, and compensated.

Very Apple-esque circa “We are the crazy ones” era. I like it!

Medium’s CEO Ev Williams continues to hold true to his commitment to keep the platform ad free and open to all. The new membership instead serving as a way to fund the platform and its content creators.

“We need a system that funds stories and ideas not just based on their ability to attract attention, but on their value to readers”

No solid work on how its decided who and how much content creators will be paid, it seems Medium are still working that out and looking for help from those signing up early to provide input to the process.

Membership will set you back US$5/month and in addition to supporting great writing in an open platform also provides:

  • Access to timed exclusive pieces from top writers
  • Early access into a new Medium experience
  • An offline mode to read Medium stories when not connected

Source: Upgrade and become a member of Medium

Android O Developer Preview is available now


An early look at the next version of Android for testing, development, and feedback. Get your apps ready for Android O!

That’s the letter “O” not a zero, just in case you were wondering.

Images in the developer preview are available for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C range of devices.

Some of the major features as highlighted by Google include:

Source: Android O Developer Preview | Android Developers

Apple ditches the “Air” from iPads & introduces a RED iPhone

It was widely rumoured that Apple would update its iPad Pro line with new models this week, but instead overnight it announced the availability of a new iPad 9.7 inch model that replaces the much older iPad Air 2 range.

A solid bump and notable removal of the ‘Air’ moniker that the MacBook range is all but sure to fall to the same fate this year.


Apple technically announced a new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus overnight as well, but this is just a colour variant, with a new (PRODUCT)RED special edition going on sale.

Unexpected but good to see the long continuing support of the foundation and its cause. I think it looks pretty good too, I’d be interested to see one in person.

Source: Apple announces new iPad, PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 and iPhone SE storage bump |

Sydney-siders, win a seat on Qantas’ first flight with Wi-Fi


You’ll get the chance to put Qantas’s in-flight Wi-Fi to the test on your two-hour journey — Qantas has partnered with Netflix, Stan, Foxtel and Spotify to offer streaming video while you’re flying, or you can just jump on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or any other web browsing you might normally do while you’re on the ground.

It’s a two hour flight departing from Kingsford-Smith domestic airport next Monday (Mar 27th, 2017) morning.

Source: Win! Join Us On Qantas’s First Flight With Wi-Fi | Gizmodo Australia

Sorry NZ, Apple says no income tax for you!

Apple has not paid any income tax in New Zealand for the last ten years, a new report reveals , with the iPhone producer said to have paid out only $37 million from sales generated in the country, paying the due tax to the Australian Tax Office instead of New Zealand’s Inland Revenue.

Completely legally mind you, NZ operated businesses under a parent located in Australia can choose to pay their company income tax in either country.

But where it makes no sense to me, they’re choosing to do so and paying more…

It is noted the accounts calculated the income tax using the statutory rate of 30 percent, not the 28 percent tax rate charged in New Zealand. The higher rate is in fact set by the Australian Tax Office, with the $37 million paid to it instead of New Zealand’s Inland Revenue.

I’m sure there’s a clever accounting trick behind the “why” but dang… poor NZ. That said, $37m short on taxes, they still managed to deploy an FTTP network cheaper and faster than Australia ever will.

Source: Apple paid taxes from New Zealand revenues to Australia for the last 10 years – report

GoPro continues to circle the drain

GoPro is reducing its workforce by about 270 employees, the company announced today, citing an effort to reduce operating costs by about $200 million for 2017. The new cuts include current employees as well as open positions, and it’s the third reduction to GoPro’s workforce since the beginning of 2016.

All hopes now laying firmly on the Hero 6, which is set to debut later this year, and it to have sales figures as high as the Hero 5/Session did last year.

Oh and to stop with the Karma drone nonsense.

Source: GoPro eliminates almost 300 jobs in third round of cuts since 2016 – The Verge