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Reckoner is one of Australia’s largest independent online technology destinations. It offers a unique variety of straight shooting and tailored content that attracts an engaged audience. This can be reflected in its statistics both in high number of page views, low bounce rate and lengthy session duration.

Similarly Reckoner’s self-titled podcast continues to maintain an active listenership and has grown its audience steadily for the past four years. A long running and early contributor to the Australian podcasting community the Reckoner podcast continues to produce content regularly and always at a high production standard.

As an advertising platform Reckoner is in an agile platform for brands wishing to engage with a specific Australian orientated, technology based demographic.

Out of respect and courtesy to its audiences across all platforms Reckoner chooses to enter into advertising and sponsorship partnerships that are ones we feel are be best fitted.

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    Reckoner had its humble beginnings way back in June of 2013.

    Founded by James Croft, along with Peter Wells and Anthony Agius they created what would go on to become one of Australia’s most highly regarded and award winning independent tech blogs.

    With its uniquely Australian voice Reckoner is committed to offering a “no-holds-barred” approach to its writing. Beholden to no one but its audience. Reckoner’s goal is to remain completely transparent and honour the trust it’s built with its faithful readership.

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