RED’s Hydrogen One smartphone sucks

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…the three big things meant to set the Hydrogen One apart — its holographic display, 3D photo and video capture, and a powerful accessories port — all fail, and are ultimately the phone’s weakest points.


Blurry display, slow SoC, oversized and accessory poor. There’s very little the folks over at The Verge could find to put in the “positive” column of their review.

Are you surprised though? The holographic-hype was real but I kinda bought into it – or wanted to!

Source: RED Hydrogen One Review: Red, dead, no redemption – The Verge

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  1. Disappointing that RED should weaken its reputation with dated tech in a phone. Sub 3DS grade 3D and everything from the camera to the CPU is dated. As for the media that has hyped the pants off this device for years now, what were they thinking? I expected no less from Verge which has singlehandedly championed Samsung/Android into ‘credibility’. Happily comparing iPhone sales to all Android phones, no matter what price, and totally devaluing user experience to promote a ‘good’ advertiser.
    As for design and usability, H1 makes Blackberry look sleek and modern, by comparison.

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