Turnbull government’s new encryption legislation doesn’t break the laws of physics but they do send you to jail 

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Under the legislation, tech companies would have to: remove protections on devices; give law enforcement agencies the design specs of their devices; install software on a device when asked; provide access to devices; and help agencies build their own systems.

The draft legislation was introduced by cyber security minister Angus Taylor and is open for submissions until September 10th. The sitting government is aiming to have it introduced by years end but will struggle to do so given its sensitive nature in affectively removing an individuals right to privacy and thus likely being submitted to a committee for review.

Under the legislation companies who do the right thing will be compensated for their time, however for those that don’t, expect a fine of up to a lazy A$10m.

For individuals, failing to unlock your device or decrypt any information requested by the powers that be, you’ll face a A$500k fine or a lazy 5 years in jail for “simple offences” or 10 years for crimes deemed “serious”.

Source: You Could Go To Jail For 10 Years For Refusing To Unlock Your Phone

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  1. Sure hope Apple is making a dumb phone that I’ll like, because this would be the end of smart phone usage for me. Phone & camera? Life is about to get a lot simpler… and probably the better for it.

    Awaiting the “opposition” position on this. Could be they want the credit for delivering a communications free-for-all to the surveillance state and would only oppose it long enough to get elected and stab the community in the back.

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