Microsoft is buying GitHub

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Microsoft Corp. has agreed to acquire GitHub Inc., the code repository company popular with many software developers, and could announce the deal as soon as Monday, according to people familiar with the matter.

Didn’t see that one coming, but then Microsoft is apparently the top contributor to GitHub with over 1000 employees pushing to it.

GitHub was last valued at a lazy US$2b back in 2015 and is reported to have an estimated annual income of $200m.

Searching for a new CEO for 9 months now the company has, in true Silicon Valley fashion, never been profitable and a buyout by Microsoft (or anyone) would be a solid win.

As for developers whom make use of the wildly popular service religiously the shift to Microsoft may not be as well received. However with advents of tools such as VisualCode and other initiatives led by MS CEO Satya Nadella the company has made huge inroads into restoring developer faith of late.

Source: Microsoft Is Said to Have Agreed to Acquire Coding Site GitHub – Bloomberg

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