NBN Co have launched a podcast

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In the first episode of Get to know your nbn™ podcast, host Peter Gurney (General Manager, nbn™ local) speaks with Brad Whitcomb, NBN Co’s Chief Customer Officer – Residential, about all things customer experience.

No it’s not April 1st, NBN Co in its infinite wisdom have decided to launch a podcast called “Get to know your nbn”. The new show is available now via the NBN’s website and a new Soundcloud account.

The first episode titled “Focus on Customer Experience” is a puffy, 39 minute discussion that attempts to derail the negative coverage of the NBN’s customer experience by highlighting the complexities and scale of the NBN project.

Furthermore the podcast is used to emphasise the fact NBN Co is a wholesaler for your internet connection and not your provider continuing a narrative from the last few weeks after another round of record complaints.

Can’t wait for episode #2

Source: Get to know your nbn™ podcast: Episode 1 – Focus on Customer Experience | nbn – Australia’s new broadband access network

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