Kogan launches its all-you-can-eat NBN plans

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In addition to a AU$69 modem, Kogan Internet’s month-to-month NBN plans start at AU$58.90 per month for the 12/1Mbps speed tier; AU$68.90 per month — currently discounted to AU$58.90 per month for the first 24 months — for 50/20Mbps speeds; and AU$88.90 per month for speeds of 100/40Mbps.

The service is being carried by Vodafone meaning whether you’re a customer of Kogan or Voda you’ll get the exact same speed and congestion on both.

Interestingly, Voda, who’s plans also offer unlimited data, are more expensive across the board. The biggest difference comes at the top speed tier costing $99/month on Voda and $88.90 with Kogan.

Source: Kogan NBN service goes live | ZDNet

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