Apple to move away from Intel CPUs by 2020

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Apple is expected to ditch Intel’s x86 architecture using its own chips in the Mac as soon as 2020…

No surprises here. Apple’s been shifting to their own “system on chip” (SoC) architecture for tighter integration, faster speeds and better control for years now.

The most recent A10 Fusion SoC blows most portable Intel CPUs out of the water in testing so it makes sense they’d be looking to make the jump, yet again, to a different architecture.

Doing so would make the 3rd jump Apple have done. The last, and probably most significant, was the move to Intel when the PowerPC architecture all by stopped dead in its tracks years ago.

It’s believed this next jump, code named “Kalamata”, will follow a similar approach in creating “fat” binaries that encompass both architectures for a transition period.

It’s interesting this info is coming to the surface now ahead of WWDC in June, however it’s not expected any solid information to be forthcoming at the event this year.

Source: Apple planning to ditch Intel chips in Macs for its own custom silicon in 2020

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