Samsung’s new S9 & S9+ unveiled

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Samsung S9

The new Galaxy S9 is almost indistinguishable from its S8 predecessor when viewed from the front, but if you flip the phone over you’ll spot a difference right away: the fingerprint sensor has moved from up next to the primary camera to down below it.

The fingerprint sensor moving seems to be the biggest aesthetic change. It’s actually slightly larger and heavier than its predecessor for both the S9 & S9+ models. The battery capacity hasn’t changed though so that added bulk goes into other upgrades such as their camera and related internals.

Both models are available for pre-order today via Telstra, Optus & Vodafone with various packages and upgrade paths.

You can also purchase the phones outright, direct from Samsung. The S9 retails for A$1199 (64GB) and A$1349 (256GB). It’s bigger brother the S9+ will go for A$1349 (64GB) and A$1499 (256GB).

The new phones will be in the hands of customers on March 16th.

Source: MWC 2018: Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ make small but important improvements