GoGet is hacked with some user data exposed

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Australia’s largest car-sharing service GoGet has revealed that its systems were compromised in June last year, with a man scabbing more than 30 free rides using the service.

GoGet informed the NSW police department about the breach as soon as it was aware however is coping criticism for waiting over six months to inform those affected.

The company was in fact asked by the NSW Cybercrime squad to keep the breach under wraps while their investigation continued allowing them to monitor the malicious activity.

It’s an interesting conundrum as it left their system vulnerable with an open hole they were not allowed to plug and the potential for others to access the system.

GoGet have advised that customer’s directly affected have now been individually informed and whilst no credit card information was obtained user’s address, drivers licence details, phone numbers & date of birth were all accessible.

Source: A Car-Sharing Service Says It Was Hacked By Someone Who Wanted Free Rides

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