Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ new “Discovery Tour” lets you tour ancient Egypt

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Featuring 75 guided tours of monuments, buildings and even people, each tour takes you down a predetermined path with interactive checkpoints. Checkpoints are narrated and even include photos of the statue you’re looking at or blueprints of the room you’re standing in. Each tour can also be accessed through the map, along with the option to fast travel to them directly.

Unfortunately I skipped over Assassin’s Creed: Origins last year but with the release of “Discovery Tour” today I’m tempted to pick it up.

The new mode turns the game into an interactive tour of ancient Egypt utilising the many intensely detailed and well crafted reproductions of real-world monuments within the game.

From all reports this educational release is great value and being enjoyed by many. What a surprising and different approach to take on an open world title. Hats of Ubisoft!

Source: Discovery Mode Turns Assassin’s Creed: Origins Into A Museum | Kotaku Australia

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