Bloomberg deep dives on Apple’s plans & rumours to ditch Intel CPUs 

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Apple is working on at least three updated Mac models with custom co-processors for release as soon as this year, including updated laptops and a new desktop…

The writing’s been on the wall for a while and fuel-to-the-fire now is the massive security flaws in all Intel CPUs currently plaguing us all.

Most telling is the pieces’ final line;

Apple watchers believe it’s just a matter of time before the company designs the entire CPU, at which point Intel would lose its fifth-largest customer.

It’s not like Apple has been scared of jumping architectures before, long time users will know (and loathe) the later half of the PowerPC days. The bigger question is can they continue to race ahead with their custom SoCs or when push comes to shove do they end up lagging behind in a walled garden where history repeats itself?

Source: How Apple Built a Chip Powerhouse to Threaten Qualcomm and Intel

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