Setting up your Bitcoin mining operation off-grid is cheaper than you think

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Cryptocurrency is all the rage and when thoughts turn to mining it, the conundrum, for Australians at least, is the cost of electricity required to power any sort of crypto mining setup. Once you get on to that train of thought, the mind turns to solar power. Free energy from the sky! But how much would a small off-grid solar power setup large enough to power a mining rig cost to set up? That’s what I’m going to try and bumble my way through in this post.

I love how he says “bumble my way through”, Anthony is a full on crypto/solar nerd and his bumbling looks to me like some pretty damn solid detail and costings.

Price wise it comes out a hell of a lot cheaper than I would’ve thought too! Could be time to set up the old Bitcoin/Litecoin/Etherium/[insert current cryptocurrency du jour here] mining rig!

Source: Cost summary of running a cryptocurrency mining rig off-grid | The Sizzle

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