Sony reboots its robotic dog Aibo

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AIBO is back. After more than a decade away, Sony has decided to resurrect its iconic robot pet brand with a brand new model simply called “Aibo” (model number ERS-1000).

I wanted one of these things so badly when they first came out a decade ago. Back then they looked a lot more like K9 out of Doctor Who than this generations’ much more “life-like” appearance. I think I prefer the more sci-fi version if I’m being honest.

Equipped with a bunch of new tech Aibo has OLED eyes and 22 axes of body movement. Battery life is still remarkably poor at two hours and then even worse to charge taking three to restore Aibo back to capacity.

The new Aibo wont be sold outside of Japan at this stage and unlike it’s predecessor requires a monthly subscription to pay for its linked cloud storage. It will set you back 198,000 Yen (A$2.3k) plus the monthly subscription of 2,980 Yen (A$35).

Source: Sony just announced a new Aibo robot dog – The Verge

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