Apple partnering with LG to develop a foldable iPhone by 2020

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Forget Face ID or bezel-less screens, the future of the iPhone may be foldable. Apple is reportedly partnering with LG to create foldable OLED displays for an upcoming generation of iPhones. The folding iPhones are set for production in 2020, according to Korean news outlet The Bell (via The Investor).

Samsung, Apple’s long time display collaborator has invested heavily in the development of foldable screen tech. The alignment with LG is being interpreted as Apple distancing themselves from their main rival. Despite the arm of Samsung (Samsung Display) behind the development of screen technology and their sale being entirely separate from Samsung Electronics who make the companies smart phones the fear is there could be a leak of information between the two entities to Apple’s detriment.

LG, does have a smartphone arm as well, however being one of Google’s new Pixel 2 manufacturers their own line is growing less and less relevant and may turn into a manufacturer and parts company for the smartphone sector at some point.

Source: A foldable iPhone could be in the works for 2020 – CNET

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