The Sizzle explains Apple’s new eSIM and how much Aussie telcos will slug you for it

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The new Series 3 Apple Watch with LTE built-in is kinda cool. Leave the iPhone at home and wander around with this mini computer on ya wrist that has network ability regardless of where you are – sounds nice! To make things easy, telcos have set up a “one number” system, where your iPhone SIM and eSIM inside the Apple Watch can receive calls and send messages on the same number. No need for an extra SIM – pretty cool.

What isn’t cool is what the telcos are charging for it.

We all knew they were going to charge you for it. Optus, one of the first to announce pricing, is guided by their rulers Singtel who’ve had this up and running for a year now. Love how they give you that free taste for a few months before sucking you in too.

Source: Telco plans for the Cellular Apple Watch are pathetic rent seeking garbage – The Sizzle


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