Steam Link is now available on Samsung TVs

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Got a Samsung TV from 2016 or earlier? Good news: you can now stream Steam games direct through the TV, without having to have a second PC or Steam Link connected.

A Steam Link app has been released for Samsung 2016 and 2017 TVs through their Smart Hub app store. You’ll need to update your TV firmware as well, but once you’ve done that you can download the app and start streaming games from your laptop or gaming PC.

For the uninitiated Steam Link is normally a little box Valve sell that you plug into your TV. The box then allows you to stream from your PC running Steam to your living room or wherever your big screen is, bedroom, toilet? Sure why not.

Anywho, now Samsung have come to the party and released an app which does the same thing and does away with the need of the added hardware (always nice).

As the Kotatku AU piece goes on to mention, you’ll want to use an ethernet connection for the game to play half decently. Even with solid 802.11ac Wi-Fi my experience with Steam Link has been lack lustre.

Source: You Can Download Steam Link On Your Samsung TVs Now | Kotaku Australia

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