Logitech is buying ASTRO Gaming with cold hard cash

Logitech will purchase ASTRO for $85 million in cash, and the acquisition is expected to close in early August. With the addition of ASTRO, we’re investing in an adjacent gaming market — the console gaming market — to help accelerate the long-term growth of our gaming business.

Logitech’s on a bit of a buying spree lately. ASTRO for a lazy US$85m in cash, Jaybird for US$50m, cha-ching, cha-ching!

With that said, the acquisition makes a lot of sense for Logitech. They already make some fantastic headsets but have never broached console gamers with a dedicated focus. ASTRO hold that market by the balls these days so it makes sense to just shell out for it and run them as a sub-brand.

Source: Logitech to Acquire ASTRO Gaming, Adding Console Gaming Headsets to its Position as the #1 Maker of PC Gaming Gear | Logitech Online Newsroom

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