Episode 160: The Dark Web Has Some Really Good Stuff On It

Join James Croft, Raj Deut and Anthony Agius as we discuss the dark web, silicon valley creepers, and artisanal handmade phones crafted lovingly by Massimo.

Then we spend some time talking about back in 2007, when we all jailbroke iPhone 1s so we could flip through our songs like a carousel and show strangers how to pinch-to-zoom. Good times.

You can buy anyone’s Medicare deets for like thirty bucks

500 Startups founder is a creep

The market for alligator-skinned phones has finally dried up

Tesla Model 3 is coming soon to the US (Australian date 2039)

Windows 10 is trying out some anti-cryptolocker features that will take 3 years to get to get rolled out to corporate offices

10 years of iPhones

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  1. Hi, great podcast, but please, can you check the audio levels? The difference in audio level between different people makes it really hard to follow the conversation without either missing the quiet ones or getting blasted by the loud ones. Thanks. -Chris

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