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Apple Watch Probably Going To Need Charging Nightly

John Paczkowski at Re/code:

Reached for comment, Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris declined to provide an estimate on expected battery life, but said the company expects users will charge their Apple Watches once daily. “There’s a lot of new technology packed into Apple Watch and we think people will love using it throughout the day,” Kerris said. “We anticipate that people will charge nightly which is why we designed an innovative charging solution that combines our MagSafe technology and inductive charging.”

That’d be a bit of a deal-breaker for me, except then I read this from David Pogue’s hands-on article:

The fanciest model, the gold Apple Phone Edition, comes in a gorgeous jewelry box — which doubles as a charger. The back of the box has a Lightning connector, and the inside of the box has the watch’s magnetic round charger pad, standing vertically. So as you retire each night, you can just lay your gold watch into its case and let it charge.

If I can buy a nice-looking charging box separately, I could probably live with it.

Why Do I Want An Apple Watch?

This is why I’m worried that the lack of explanation about the Watch’s purpose wasn’t just a keynote oversight, but something that reflects a fundamental question about the product itself that Apple itself has yet to answer: is Watch an iPhone accessory, or is it valuable in its own right?

A great post from Ben Thompson of Stratechery. Read the whole thing, but I agree there was nothing in the Apple Watch announcement that made me think “I want that!”.

Right now, Android Wear’s ability to predict what I want to see on my wrist and serve it to me is beating Apple’s groovy little interface and sexy leather straps.

Seeing The Apple Watch In The Metal

Benjamin Clymer at Hodinkee:

And that leads me to my next point. Apple absolutely, positively, indisputably NAILED its straps and bracelets. In addition to offering a bevy of options from leather to fluoroelastomer to link bracelets to Milanese, it is here that you really see how much attention Apple was paying to the way people wear watches, and the how bad existing options were.

This has been my favourite piece on the minutia and the hardware details of the Apple Watch so far. Also, it makes me want to get one with a Milanese loop.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better, Motorola

And last year’s Moto X is pretty damn great, in a way that this year’s build can’t be. The jump from 4.7 inches to 5.2 inches might not sound major, but it’s the difference between comfortably navigating the entire display with one hand and having to stretch your thumbs or double-fist it. It’s the difference between disappearing in your pocket and being a bulge. Most of all, it’s just an inexplicable rethink of what was a near-perfect build. It’s as though Toyota suddenly decided the 2015 Camry should be an SUV.

What’s most frustrating is that the reasons for the gargantuanization aren’t technological. That better camera, those better speakers, those faster guts all would have fit snugly in last year’s design. The reasons Moto gave us for the switch were “market research” — hopefully not from the same source that gave us these ads — and the desire to fit two IR sensors on the front, so that you can wave at your phone to make it shut up. Given the choice between perfect phone and disposable gimmick, I choose perfection. Or would, anyway, if I could.

Sing it, sister.

Designer Marc Newson Joining Apple

Kia Makarechi at Vanity Fair:

Designer Marc Newson is joining Apple as part of senior vice president of design Jonathan Ive’s team, the company told VF Daily on Friday.

He joins Angela Ahrendts – Burberry, Paul Deneve – Yves Saint Laurent, Ben Shaffer – Nike, Patrick Pruniaux – Tag Heuer, and the entire Beats team.