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E3 2015 – The AAA’s

E3 2015 was one of the largest in recent history. Not only did the show eclipse it’s previous attendance and exhibiting records the number of quality triple-A titles that were on display was enormous! Here you’ll find a rundown on every title I was able to get hands on time and my thoughts in doing so including The Division, Uncharted 4, Star Wars Battlefront and more.

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FINAL: E3 2015 – The briefings edition

Welcome to Reckoner's man-on-the-ground reports of E3's briefings in Los Angeles. Each major briefing is listed below and will eventually cover 3 day's worth of showcases beginning on Sunday with Bethesda and finishing Tuesday with the PC gaming show.


Review: Bose QuietComfort 25

A few months ago I was in the office of a PR Company, dropping off a bunch of review units that I never got around to reviewing. The products I was dropping off were ok, but not good enough to bother writing about publicly. Instead, I shared my thoughts with the company privately, over a beer. As I was leaving, one of the lovely people there asked if I wanted to borrow a pair of Bose QuietComfort 25s. “Nah, I already have a bunch of headphones to review at home, I can’t add more to…