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Review: Bose QuietComfort 25

A few months ago I was in the office of a PR Company, dropping off a bunch of review units that I never got around to reviewing. The products I was dropping off were ok, but not good enough to bother writing about publicly. Instead, I shared my thoughts with the company privately, over a beer. As I was leaving, one of the lovely people there asked if I wanted to borrow a pair of Bose QuietComfort 25s. “Nah, I already have a bunch of headphones to review at home, I can’t add more to…


Review: Logitech MX Master mouse

Most people don’t think twice about the mouse they use every day. Whether it came in the box with their computer or it was supplied by their IT department the humble mouse isn’t given a lot of love. When you think about it that’s kind of crazy, as our primary means of interaction the mouse certainly deserves a lot more attention. Just like the headphones that come in the box with your shiny new iPhone, what’s put in front of you often isn’t the best and in the case of the mouse, I’m…


Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

2014 was a pretty boring year for Android phones. The HTC M8 was a gorgeous bit of hardware, let down by a god awful camera. Everything else was just the same slab of plastic and glass, the only differentiator being “how much did the manufacturer ugly up KitKat?” Twenty-fifteen looks to be far more interesting; Lollipop is now standard on new devices, and with the Samsung Galaxy S6, we’ve got a piece of hardware as gorgeous as the software it’s running. Oh, and…

Twitter Coming for the Trolls

Twitter has today announced some product and policy changes aimed at better tackling violent threats and abuse on its platform.

The problem of the mainstream social network being misappropriated as an amplification medium for minority hate groups to — for instance — spread jihadist terrorist sentiments and propaganda, or harass and threaten women with messages of violent misogyny, has risen up the political agenda in recent times, especially given the spread of ISIS in the Middle East.

Away from terrorism, the GamerGate saga also rebounded on Twitter as women involved in the games industry found its platform turned into a conduit for violently misogynistic and sustained online harassment that has included death and rape threats, graphic material and doxxing.

Great news from Twitter.