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Amazon Echo – Can’t Tell If Cool Or Creepy

It’s kinda like Sonos meets Siri?

Hmm. On the one hand I think this would be useful in quite a few situations. On the other hand, it’s Amazon, always listening to you… which feels…icky.

I don’t think I’ve worked out where my ‘creepy threshold’ sits for passive listening devices yet.

Stan – The Newest Netflix “Killer”

Luke Hopewell, writing for Giz:

Meet Stan: the new streaming service for Australia, born out of StreamCo.

For those not familiar with StreamCo, it’s the joint venture between Nine Entertainment Co and Fairfax Media…

The StreamCo partnership was created with a single aim: launch a streaming product that Australians will actually use.

StreamCo figured out that the reason people weren’t using Australian streaming services like Quickflix or Presto is because the product was either too expensive or didn’t have the content available that customers wanted.

There’s not a lot of information on Stan, so it’s hard to say whether it will seriously rival Netflix.

Perhaps if the sign up page had a bloody big photo of Tyrion Lannister, not Walter White, I’d be more excited. Advertising your shiny new service with a show that has run its course, however beloved that show might be, seems a little underwhelming. Still, the message seems to be this service is about binge tv watching, which is the new hotness. Let’s wait and see.

Uber Eyes Off Canberra Despite Opposition

Matthew Raggatt talking Uber at the Canberra Times:

“In order for Uber to operate as a booking service to facilitate ride-sharing it would need to be accredited,” a spokesman for Attorney-General Simon Corbell said. 

“Private vehicles and drivers using Uber’s ride-sharing app would be operating in breach of the legislative requirements in the ACT.”

Meanwhile, our Canberran mate Daniel Tyson sent us an interesting sponsored post that popped up in his Facebook feed:


Fight! Fight! Fight!

Train Conductor 3 Coming Next Year And It Looks Frickin’ Awesome

Tycho at Penny Arcade on The Voxel Agents:

Their new one, I don’t want to spoil it but it’s Train Conductor 3, was so tactile and satisfying in its interactions that it was hard not to touch it.  We talked for awhile about their grand strategy for it, trying to marry the immediate gameplay with creating a kind of train table on the backend.  He also showed me a demo for something so young and feisty it still just had the Unity icon.  I’ll try to figure out how to explain it and get back to you.  I want to hang out with this guy.

He’s not wrong. I played both those games and they are both really cool. The new “Unity” game he’s talking about above is what they’re calling the Time Project. It looks really amazing. My favourite booth at the PAX indie area, and good guys to boot.