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      Review – LG 31MU97 31″ Cinema 4K Monitor


      LG Australia sent me a monitor almost worth as much as my car. I take a look at all its real 4K, Adobe RGB calibrated, 10-bit colour depth goodness.

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    4K Monitor Buying Guide

    More pixels, MORE PIXELSSSSSS - I love big monitors and I cannot lie. 4K displays are now entering the realm of affordable, so I take a dip in the high resolution computer monitor ocean and see what's out there.


    Using Evernote On A Sunday Morning For Art

    I’m a bit of an Evernote fanboy. I’ll freely admit that. But every now and again, someone will ask me how I use Evernote on a day-to-day basis. It’s kind of a tough question for me, because it’s a bit like asking someone how they use a computer. "I dunno, I do a bunch of different stuff, and it’s good…?”

    Amazon Echo – Can’t Tell If Cool Or Creepy

    It’s kinda like Sonos meets Siri?

    Hmm. On the one hand I think this would be useful in quite a few situations. On the other hand, it’s Amazon, always listening to you… which feels…icky.

    I don’t think I’ve worked out where my ‘creepy threshold’ sits for passive listening devices yet.