Calls for Netflix to be subjected to Australian content quotas


Screen Producers Australia has called for Netflix to have Australian content quotas similar to what they have in Europe.

Free to air providers are subjected to this in Australia at the moment so the likelihood it will eventually trickle down to online providers is high. Even more so now that a precedent has been set in the EU.

The problem I have is when you read statements like this from Screen Producers Australia CEO Matthew Deaner;

These are big, disruptive, successful businesses that have had time to expand in the Australian market without making any significant investment in local production. It’s time they step up to the plate and contribute to new Australian film and television production.

Step up to the plate? I think Netflix have done a pretty good job in incorporating local content with their initial launch. Mind you, having a heavily reduced library here also helps bolster the local percentage a bit too.

If anything it’s statements and demands like that which only get peoples backs up & make those screaming the demands look like self-entitled wankers*.

*This post uses 0.5% local content via the word “wankers”.

Source: Screen Producers Australia calls for Netflix to have Australian content quotas – Mumbrella

Microsoft to unveil new Xbox Ones & Xbox TV at upcoming E3

Image credit: The Verge
Image credit: The Verge

Microsoft is preparing at least two new Xbox models for release in the next two years, sources tell Kotaku. Later this year we’ll see a cheaper, smaller Xbox One, and next year Microsoft will release a more powerful version of their premiere console.

A lot of interesting chatter emerging now with E3 just around the corner in June. The big part of the corroborated article between Polygon & Kotaku around the version to come in 2017, which will be powerful enough to handle an Oculus Rift. A move that would further solidify the relationship between the two companies.

XboxTV, also rumoured to be announced, is Microsoft’s version of the extremely popular Chromecast. Coming to the game late, the device has been kicking around for nearly three years apparently with MS now thinking it’s the right time to release to the masses.

Source: Sources: Smaller Xbox One Coming This Year, More Powerful Xbox One In 2017 [UPDATE]

Twitter’s 140 character limit no longer counts @’s & images

Today, we’re excited to announce an upcoming set of changes rolling out over the coming months to enable people to express even more within 140 characters. These changes will allow for richer public conversations that are easier to follow on Twitter, and ensure people can attach extra elements, media, and content to Tweets without sacrificing the characters they have to share their view.

  • Replies: @names that auto-populate at the start of a reply Tweet will not count towards the character limit (but new non-reply Tweets starting with a @mention will count, as will @mentions added explicitly by the user in the body of the Tweet). Additionally, new Tweets that begin with a username will no longer have to use the ”.@” convention in order to have those Tweets reach all of their followers.
  • Media attachments: A URL at the end of Tweets generated from attaching photos, a video, GIF, poll, Quote Tweet, or DM deep link will also not count towards the character limit (URLs typed or pasted inside the Tweet will be counted towards the character limit as they do today).

Exciting? It’s definitely a change we’ve all been expecting for some time now but is it for the better?

The removal of replied-to usernames from the tweet count makes perfect sense to me. As does fixing the hack of “.@” so often used. What concerns me however is no longer counting media attachments.

Get ready for your timeline to be inundated with media. Every PR firm and social media manager will be salivating over this one. Now every tweet can be accompanied with more words and imagery to further help their tweets scream for attention.

Good or bad? What’s your thoughts?

Source: Doing more with 140 characters | Twitter Blogs

Xiaomi to release DJI Phantom rival

On Wednesday, Xiaomi is going to unveil a new product. While details are still thin, it looks like the electronics company is about to announce a drone.

Other than the teaser above there really isn’t a lot of details at this point. Spec wise if it proves to be true rival to the Phantom it would likely be at a significantly reduced price as most Xiaomi products are. It would certainly make the it much more affordable for the budding hobbyist.

Excited to see what they come up with!

Source: Get ready for the Xiaomi drone

PlayStation announce Gran Turismo Sport complete with PlayStation VR support

Gran Turismo Sport has a release date. The latest entry in Sony’s flagship racing series was unveiled last October, and the company confirmed this afternoon that it’ll be released in the US and Japan on November 15th. (There’s some variance to its European release dates.)

It’s the first Gran Turismo title made for the PlayStation 4 and first overall since 2013’s Gran Turismo 6, and it’ll also be compatible with Sony’s PlayStation VR headset upon its launch this October.

Gran Turismo, blah, blah, yeah, yeah. Looks shiny, newly modelled cars. OK. Hopefully the audio doesn’t suck this time too.

PlayStation VR support though! Um f#@k yeah! This is what Polyphony should be shouting from the tree-tops. Say goodbye to your crazy 5 monitor driving rigs. Bring on November, can’t wait!

Source: Gran Turismo Sport is coming to PlayStation 4 this November | The Verge

Google’s new IM app Allo is creepy as f@#k


You sign up with your phone number and you can connect your Google account to it, though there’s no need to. You can see the usual chat app stuff: there are sent and received indicators, emoji, and a big set of custom stickers. Amit Fulay, group product manager on Google’s communications products team, says that Google commissioned stickers from artists with an eye toward ensuring there was a wide diversity of options — stuff that would work in India, as well as in America.

When you send a photo, it shows up full-bleed in the screen and you can even doodle on it if you want. Another neat trick: before you hit send, you can drag your finger up or down on the button to enlarge or shrink the text. Google calls it “WhisperShout.”

Tin-foil hat wearers rejoice. Google will analyse every message & image you send via its new IM chat app to better give you auto-responders. Hmmmmm…

On the upside they “promise” they’re only doing it once and then discarding the data.

They do have an “incognito” version of chat that encrypts end-to-end, presumably meaning you lose some of that whizz-bang one click reply fun.

Not sure this one will take off. Looking forward to next week’s podcast to discuss!

Source: Allo is a messaging app with Google built right in | The Verge

Google announce their Amazon Echo competitor “Home” at I/O conference

Like Amazon Echo, Google Home is an always-listening piece of hardware that allows users to issue commands using natural language. The hardware will launch later this year, though Google has yet to announce a price.

Demonstrated by Google at its annual I/O conference, Home allows users to control connected devices in their home, get answers from Google, stream music, and more.

In what appears to be a direct rip-off of Amazon’s Echo lineup Home offers little to no advantage bar being a part of the Google family – that I can see.

As my Reckoner compatriot James Croft says – a killer feature would be Sonos integration. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening, not immediately anyway, Chromecast is where their streaming allegiance lies. Naturally so.

Source: I/O 2016: Google’s new Home hardware takes on Apple’s HomeKit and Siri