Review: Logitech G933 Headset, G502 Mouse & G610 Keyboard

You’d be forgiven for not associating the Logitech brand with gaming. A long time peripheral maker the company has a rich history of creating some of the best third party devices on the market. From keyboards to mice to universal remotes, Logitech have a great understanding of almost every aspect of our now daily interactions with technology.

It seems only natural that Logitech would take that knowledge and expertise and apply it to a new high-end range of devices made specifically for the gaming community. And they’re not messing about either. Feature-rich and aggressively priced the “Logitech G” series of peripherals are sure to impressive the most stalwart of PC gamers. Continue reading

Shifty Jelly release Pocket Casts 6

Being huge podcast fans ourselves our aim was to build the best possible app to listen to them. Our goals back then were simple: insanely fast refresh speeds, push notifications for new episodes, offline downloads and a streamlined player that let you do things like quickly skip over boring parts. Fast forward 5 years and here we are at version 6. Our basic goals remain the same, we’ve just become more ambitious over time and added more features to our must haves. Cross device syncing. Variable speed playback. Episode filtering. Tablet support. Podcast chapter support. Silence Removal. We also added an Android version, a web version and so much more.

I’ve been a Pocket Casts convert for years now. This new iOS version sees a complete rewrite in Apple’s Swift language as well as redesigned UI, new iPad features and voice volume & silence trim features.

Best of all it’s a free update from the former version! Get on it.

Source: Pocket Casts 6 | Shifty Jelly’s blog of mystery

Microsoft launches its own camera app for iOS – Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix is a bit like having a pro photographer in your phone—always tweaking settings, selecting your best shots, and enhancing each one. It also captures frames before you even tap on the shutter, so you won’t miss the best moment.

People are our most important photo subjects, so when a face is detected, Microsoft Pix automatically adjusts settings and after-shot enhancements. It also lets you compare the before and after, to ensure everyone looks their best.

Well the example shots look impressive but the real proof’s in the pudding. I’ve got it installed and for the 5 minutes I’ve played with it so far it’s living up to the hype. Images are automatically adjusted for light levels and it lets you see just how badly your shot would’ve been by giving you a compare button to toggle between the two.

Will it ultimately replace the default Camera app for me? Time will tell.

Source: Microsoft Pix App – a Smart Camera and Photo App from Microsoft

Dan Harmon’s D&D centric show “HarmonQuest” premieres on YouTube

As Fondue and friends partake in their village’s annual Festival of Restoration, they are interrupted by a panicked barbarian woman in need of help. Fondue and team decide to embark on a quest to save the world from evils of the Heralds of the Manticore.

Dan Harmon is the creator of Community and part of team behind the greatest show on TV, Rick & Morty.

HarmonQuest is a live action TV show where a bunch of celebs play Dungeons & Dragons but with a twist. The action is interwoven with animation to better convey the story to the viewer, which makes for a far superior experience to shows that have tried similar in the past.

The downside for us in Australia is that the remaining episodes are exclusive to a streaming site I’ve never heard of called “Seeso”. Naturally they limit themselves to the US only meaning that you’ll need a VPN or alike to view the rest. Booooooooo.

‘Carpool Karaoke’ to be spun off in exclusive Apple Music show

The viral segment that broke out on the Late Late Show With James Corden is being turned into its own series, which will air first exclusively for subscribers to Apple’s music streaming app.

New installments of the 16-episode series will stream weekly on Apple Music, the $10-a-month streaming music service that Apple launched last year. A premiere date has yet to be announced, but it is expected to be soon.

I’m not the target audience here. I see things like this & “Lip-sync battle” being spun off into full shows and roll my eyes. Clearly I’m in the minority.

Interestingly for Apple, a company that’s actively said they’re not wanting to get into TV production, they’re certainly sticking their fingers into a lot of pies. Between this, the Planet of  Apps reality show and the Dr Dre series they’re buddying up with a lot of content.

Source: ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Series Coming Exclusively to Apple Music – Hollywood Reporter

AMD put an SSD on their new video card and you probably can’t afford it

AMD has announced a new graphics card that incorporates an SSD for the first time. The Radeon Pro SSG features two PCIe 3.0 M.2 slots allowing you to add up to 1TB of NAND flash memory directly to the graphics card. This will allow large datasets to be worked on locally without having to use system memory, which should provide a much faster experience during heavy rendering work.

The Radeon Pro SSG was demoed at the Siggraph computer graphics conference rendering raw 8K video smoothly at 30 frames per second, and AMD claims it can even run at 90 frames per second. VR content creators and the medical and scientific communities who need high-end renders would benefit the most from the large frame buffer the Radeon Pro SSG provides, and that’s exactly who AMD is targeting.

The kicker; it’s US$10k.

OK, so it’s not really aimed at the average consumer but it’s an interesting indication of where the tech is headed.


Source: AMD just announced a graphics card with an SSD | The Verge

Verizon to buy Yahoo’s internet business for US$4.8b, Yahoo7’s future up in the air


Verizon, seeking to build an array of digital businesses that can compete for users and advertising with Google and Facebook, announced on Monday that it was buying Yahoo’s core internet business for $4.83 billion in cash.

The deal, which was reached over the weekend, unites two titans of the early internet, AOL and Yahoo, under the umbrella of one of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies. Verizon bought AOL for $4.4 billion last year. Now it will add Yahoo’s consumer services — search, news, finance, sports, video, email and the Tumblr social network — to a portfolio that includes AOL as well as popular sites like The Huffington Post.

Meanwhile locally Seven West Media,  joint operator of Yahoo7, released this press release.

Seven West Media looks forward to discussing with Verizon Communications, the company’s future plans for Yahoo, Inc in Australia and any impact these may have on Yahoo7 in Australia and New Zealand. Seven West Media has a number of positive options that will define its future development and success in digital media, building on its already highly successful development over the past few years.

Translation: “Hey guys don’t forget us! We do stuff.”

With Yahoo’s real cash cow (it’s Alibaba holdings) not included in the deal it will be interesting to see what Verizon plans to do with satellite partnerships in the Asia Pacific region like that of Yahoo7.

I don’t know anyone that goes to Yahoo7 for anything but then I’m not in the Sunrise demographic either. Perhaps my Mum goes to it?

I just asked her. She doesn’t.

Source: Verizon Announces $4.8 Billion Deal for Yahoo’s Internet Business – The New York Times