Review: iLuv Selfy


This is a Bluetooth enabled remote control that lets you take photos with your phone by pressing a button on this remote instead of tapping the screen, using the remote on a pair of headphones or using the volume button on the side of the iPhone.

The main “feature” of Selfy is that it comes with a case that you slide the remote into so that it is “with you at all times”. As you can see from the picture, it adds immense bulk. More bulk than a Mophie Air battery case.


Whilst the case is just for the iPhone, the remote works Android as well as iOS (iPad and iPhone). Just pair it up with your device and if the camera app is open, whenever you press the button it’ll take a snap.

I couldn’t easily find it on sale at any Australian online stores. But it costs US$39.99 from B&H + shipping. Stupidly expensive considering the same thing, without the case is $5 from Deal Extreme. You’re paying $50+ for the mere fact it slides into a case. The ones on DX are a keyring – which you normally have with you too.

As a “tech writer” (don’t call me a journalist, this isn’t journalism) you need to be in the PR people’s good books. If you want access to cool stuff, or 0-day stuff, these guys are the gatekeepers to products, events and even potentially advertising. Sometimes you have to take one for the team so that the relationship continues. This is one of those times. I’m sorry you had to watch me do this in public.

So yeah, don’t buy this Selfy case, get a $5 thing from DX instead.

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