The Next Time Your iPhone Battery Sucks, Read This

Scotty Loveless:

I made it my mission to discover the specific reasons for iOS battery drainage. This article is a product of my years of research and anecdotal evidence I gathered in the hundreds of Genius Bar appointments I took during my time as a Genius and iOS technician, as well as testing on my personal devices and the devices of my friends.

This has been linked all over the place in the last couple days, but I have to mention it because the steps listed actually helped the battery life on my iPhone 5s a ton.

In fact, after reading this I discovered my iPhone was not going into stand-by mode AT ALL (I blame either the Moves app or Facebook). I don’t charge during the day, so I have no idea how I was even getting through.

In any case, after reading this guide and following the steps I have much better battery life, and maybe you will too.

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