The human cost of Black Friday sales

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While this may be great for Amazon’s bottom line, all this shopping has a real human cost. As plenty of Amazon employees have attested, working in the company’s warehouses is gruelling.

…Amazon runs on a logistics system that’s based off working people to the bare bones.

While Australia doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving it has, more & more so, been indoctrinated into the events that surround it such as “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” sales.

These sales bring us a bunch of very cool and often very cheap bargains but in doing so the people behind the scenes, the ones sending those orders out, are often subjected to some horrific working conditions and (in America anyway) poor remuneration.

A short read, this piece is an interesting one with a good interview with a former Amazon warehouse worker about what those big days are like for the teams working there that I encourage everyone to check out.

Source: What Amazon’s Black Friday shift is like for workers – Vox