My Xmas List: Merkur Safety Razor

Merkur Razer

Alexander George for The Sweethome:

For the foreseeable future, I will be shaving my face with a Merkur Safety Razor and double-sided Feather razor blades. This type of razor takes some practice, but once you get it down, no setup can match the price, durability, comfort, and overall simplicity of a solid double-edge (DE) safety razor like the Merkur.

I’m fortunate that I don’t have to shave very often, but this is now on my Christmas list. Disposable or cartridge razors are just rubbish. Man, the The Sweethome and The Wirecutter are just great sites.

(By the way, originally the Reckoner domain was bought with the intention of riffing on that kind of review site, but for Australian retailers & products. The truth is, we don’t have an affiliate-linking program like the US does with Amazon that would make it a viable business. Maybe one day…)

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