Readdle’s popular iOS email client Spark arrives on the Mac App Store

Previously available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, Readdle’s hit email client Spark launched on macOS on Wednesday, and is now available as a free download from the Mac App Store.

Key features from the iOS version of Spark have made their way to the Mac, including a “Smart Inbox” that allows users to view important emails first. In this view, messages are categorized as either Personal, Notifications, or Newsletters.

I used Spark for a while on my phone but switched to an all Airmail solution when they released their iOS app. It was just easier to keep everything in the same eco-system with synced snoozes, signatures and alike.

Now that Spark’s available on macOS & iOS I’m definitely keen on making the switch back. I’ve installed the desktop version today and given it a quick test run and whilst it’s pretty slick there are some strange things that make it just not-quite-right for me.

To give you an example, the smart inbox category feature is awesome and something I was really excited about. Annoyingly though once a message is marked “read” it pops it out of the category and into a “seen” one. I understand why but still I’d rather it didn’t.

It’s swiping mechanic which works so well on iOS is just plain broken here. The default left swipe of “pin” provides no feedback of it being achieved unless viewed in the smart inbox and the motion is clunky and not a great user experience.

A lot of this I imagine will be thrown back in the form of very constructive tweets to the team (I’m being sarcastic for the record) and we’ll see the app steadily progress. Hopefully to a point I can make a switch.

Lastly the app’s free. The iOS app’s free. What’s their business model here? Switch with caution for it may go the way of Mailbox!

Source: Readdle’s popular iOS email client Spark arrives on the Mac App Store

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